Rami Salami
The King of Balloon Twisters
"World famous, yet affordable."

 New pictures of Rami Salami in Argentina in February 2008

 Rami's Magic Show Thrills them in Roxbury in October 2008

 Rami's back at Faneuil Hall, next to Kevin White on weekends

E-mail:    rsalami@AOL.com 
Phone       617.288.5203

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        "In a world of phony baloney entertainers, Rami Salami, AKA Philip Bloom, is the real deal. You'll find the self-proclaimed King of Balloon Twisters perfecting his craft in and around Boston, and at Harrod's in London if you happen to be in the neighborhood! Mr. Salami has a unique way of focusing attention on his young audience while including the grown-ups in on the fun. With the help of a very accurate water-squirting camera, rubber chicken, a Big Dig dog (it's a plastic rat! Ha! Ha!), and other silly props, he draws even the wariest of children into his magical circle of fun. A little barrier with colorful graphics and some mini stools keep the adults out, while giggling kids await their time with Rami. Patient stool sitters are rewarded with the most elaborate balloon accessories you're likely to see. Humongous hats with interesting, inflatable baubles compliment the tiniest of noggins."GO City Kids

Private Parties:
         The fun begins when Rami opens up his rolling suitcase full of props. After a bit of joking around, he plucks the guest of honor out of the group and creates the first silly hat of the party. Any one who wants a hat gets one!  The balloonery continues with the construction of a house, a spaceship, or a huge geodesic dome. If space permits, the sculpture is attached to the top of a telescoping pole and balanced on Rami's chin. A 10-minute comedy/magic show, and the singing of Rami's theme song, signal the end of the fun.


A signed confirmation letter with directions and a 50% deposit is due upon booking a date.

E-mail:               rsalami@AOL.com 
Phone                   617.288.5203