In the comical, slapstick spirit of old vaudeville Rami Salami remains an irresistible magnet for the young at heart, continuously touring in 26 countries including North America, Spain, Japan and Israel while maintaining his home base at Boston's Faneuil Hall Marketplace. All eyes are immediately drawn to the vibrant colors of his balloon hats on the many heads of laughing, charmed children enjoying the fantasy and glowing in pride at having gone face to face with this friendly, funny clown. Masterfully guiding his fans like a lion tamer, or a gentle bullfighter always in control, he enchants all who watch. His line leads to little stools, each with a person patiently waiting. Moving to the right at the sound of the squeaky hammer, the faces intently watch his lightning movements. His hands are amazingly fast, his matching of colors adept. The entertainment emanates from what some of these kids are willing to put up with from Rami to get their very silly hats, swords, flowers and other examples of his original balloon art. He provides the perfect stage for children to show how grown-up they are.

 The swords are for balancing,  and he teaches his audience the secrets of equilibrium, making it look easy.  To demonstrate his technique, he balances several unusual items on his chin, including a telescoping 35' pole topped with a huge balloon sculpture. Little kids, balloon hats on their heads, trying to balance swords or flowers on their noses are all around. Parents love to capture this memorable moment in a child's life, with a camera or on video, when they are suddenly brave enough to wait patiently in line for their first balloon hat. This professional entertainer's love for what he does emanates freely from his heart, capturing the imaginations and soothing the souls of all those lucky enough to observe.