You don't need a map
to spot Rami Salami !!

                                                                     ....    Just follow the bright,

high-flying fleece banners, catchy theme song and crowds of laughing kids that herald this lighthearted entertainers kingdom where young and old can have an audience with the king of balloon twisters himself. Everyone knows and loves this Bostonian beanpole of a blue-haired, red-nosed clown clad in his outrageously colored outfit, complete with squeaky toy hammer and quick wit. From Japan to Jerusalem, Paris, London and Lowell (or as Rami likes to quip, " Twenty-six countries, one near you."), the king's inflatable realm is a favorite place to visit no matter where he happens to be. But it's not just his majesty's brilliant balloon artistry, that makes this performer an instant draw; the real appeal is the offbeat, vaudeville-inspired banter in 7 languages that keeps kids amused and adults chuckling. Itís a sidesplitting delight to watch children squirm and giggle, waiting there turn patiently, mostly, for a chance at one of Rami's outlandish, uproarious balloon hats. Kiddies that fidget a bit too much are quickly and easily distracted when Rami thrusts a rubber chicken into their hands, "Here, hold this, " he commands. Laughs all around. Parents, video recorders in hand, watch on and can hardly wait themselves -- often enough, their reward for "misbehaving" is a squirt in the puss from Rami's trick camera. All this goodnatured abuse is well worth it because a fabulous one-of-a-kind balloon creation awaits them. Not just assembly line wham-bam twists and turns, Rami's craftsmanship and attention to detail and design would give any artist a run for the money. Interior decorators can take a hint from his adept color-coordination and his repertoire of crazy themed shapes, from the mile-high dogs climbing the Eiffel Tower to mile-wide flying Ninja, each new hat comes with a gentle knock on the noggin from Rami's trademark magic hammer. Each kid knows they've been royally Salamitized, as if there was any doubt, and their world is a better silly place because of it. No, you don't need a map to get to Rami SalamiLand; you just need to keep those sunny, fun-filled childhood memories in your heart and a great big balloon hat on your head as a guide.